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I also recognize that I can electronically revoke this consent at any time in the e-mail footnote by clicking “Disconnection” or by sending an email to I may revoke my consent before the expiry of the period for which I have granted it. The revocation of consent has no bearing on the legality of the processing of personal data prior to revocation. You can also find general information about our privacy policy at For more information on this consent, see below. The advantage for the silent partner is that if the entrepreneur has a very good business plan, this investment can be evaluated in a very interesting way in a very short period of time. And on the contrary, it can also get lost quickly. However, if their mutual cooperation does not work for them, it is still very easy to put an end to it. The principle of a silent contribution is that everyone can put certain funds into another person`s business, and the entrepreneur evaluates that investment by passing on some of their own profits.

And if he fails in business, he does not bear the loss alone, but he is also carried by his silent partner. 8.1 You are required to verify during delivery that the tickets are in compliance with the agreement. If this is not the case, you should notify Silent Disco Tours as soon as possible and at least within three (3) days of delivery in writing and for reasons and, in any case, under supervision,8.2 If it has been proven that the tickets are not in accordance with the contract, Silent Disco Tours can replace the tickets in question with new tickets in exchange for their return or refund the amount paid. 1. Definitions1.1 In these terms and conditions of sale, the following terms (singular and plural) have the following meanings: `Terms and Conditions`, Terms and Conditions of Silent Disco Tours` `Event`, public or private event, at the; “Location,” where the event takes place; “organizer,” the party responsible for producing and/or organizing the event; “Agreement,” the agreement between Silent Disco Tours and the consumer for the sale and supply of tickets; “Ticket,” proof of access to an event; 2. Applicability The entrepreneur must first enter into a tacit partnership agreement with his silent partner. It indicates who the contractor is and who is the silent partner, also specifying the purpose of the investment and its value and determining to what part of the annual profit the tacit partner is allowed.