Somerville Host Community Agreement

Smith said he has clients who have been pressured to sign HCAs, claim a 4 percent impact fairy, demand a down payment from the city and force the company to make “voluntary” donations to various municipal agencies. On Monday morning, he appeared before the Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy, with the regulator`s legislators reviewing bills (S 1126 and H 3536) to address some of the problems associated with HCAs and give the CCC explicit authority to regulate agreements. Union Leaf is owned by Somerville resident Laxmi Pradhan, who has experience in the past operating businesses in highly regulated areas, city officials said. Union Leaf`s proposal calls for the transformation of 71 Union Square into a three-storey retail, common area and office building. National law requires commercial marijuana license applicants to enter into agreements with host communities before the CCC reviews an application. The law stipulates that these agreements cannot last more than five years and that the municipal effect fee paid by the licensee to the municipality must not exceed 3% of the institution`s gross turnover. On November 16, 2020, Sira performed an HCA with the Boston City Cannabis Board to operate an adult pharmacy on 829 Boylston Street in Boston. Project 4,500 ft2 Store is located next to the Apple Store and across from the Prudential Center, in the heart of Bostons Back Bay, a popular residential community and New England`s leading destination for shopping and dining, and is home to many financial and tourism businesses. The location of Sira Boylston Street is well located for pedestrian traffic and good transit service. The three institutions were selected following a robust audit process by the Current Mayor`s Marijuana Advisory Committee (MAC).

As part of the first round of MAC applications, they examined 14 applications for marijuana traffickers in different parts of the city. Of these 14, MAC respondents surveyed 7 of the candidates who best met the evaluation criteria to learn more about their proposals. Among the MAC`s verification criteria are: ensuring that the proposed sites are compatible with their respective neighbours, that physical space is available for safe storage and a secure flow of customers, and that the operation focuses on community involvement and education. In accordance with the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission`s Economic Empowerment Program, it was also a priority for the MAC to examine the extent to which the person running the business was disproportionately affected by the marijuana ban and prioritized entities where most of the property is made up of black, African-American, Hispanic or Latino persons. Preference was also given to establishments where most of the property came from people living in Somerville. Last August, the CCC voted against a proposal to include a review of host municipalities` contracts in its licensing process and the Agency found that it had no right to intervene or reject an application on the basis of HCA.